What We Offer

The Paddocks

These have been neglected by the past owner. One of my main tasks is to restore and improve these. Electric fencing  is included, and all paddocks have water.

Small Panorama paddock

This gives me 19 one acre paddocks and one half acre Visitors Paddock. My horses are busy eating the grass in the 4 paddocks they get rotated through. The spare space is taken up by the one agisted horse. There are currently 2 horses living in the new 9 acre paddock, which will be divided into 9 smaller paddocks at some stage.

Agisted Horses will be rotated through at least two paddocks, so for at least some parts of the year no feeding will be required.

The Arena

HouseArena_small02While the Earth works for the house were being done, the Arena was formed. It is 62 x 23 meters and is surfaced by an All Weather Arena including lights. Click the button on left for a larger picture

The Stables & Hot Wash

Actually Stalls, there are undercover stalls for 4 horses. But best of all, there is a Hot Wash attached at the back. No more cold showers for your horse.

The Feed Shed

There are lockers for Agistees, a power point for that jug and some storage room available for feed.

The Cottage

Cottage small02One of the long term aims was to provide some accommodation on the property. This will give horse owners the ability to work their horses over weekends. It will also provide an opportunity for guests to bring their own horses for the duration of their stay. Well, it is actually ready. Click the button on the left for pictures.


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