Whats Next


The New Year is here, so is the new competition season. I have one older fat horse and one young horse who is rapidly getting more experienced. Nothing that riding between 5 or 7 days a week won’t fix. And both are entered into competitions soon. Occy (more about Occy), the youngster, will have to learn how to jump also soon if I want to get back into Eventing


The last Major items on the to do list, the fencing for the new Paddocks is done. Well mostly. Just need a few minor details. Same with the water troughs, just a few minor details. The Soil pH is now up to 6.4, so the worms will be happy. All of that after only 2 lots of Lime in 8 years. Plus lots of fertiliser, mostly good stuff in the way of Pelletised Chicken Manure. Will put on a lot of Super this autumn to try to get as much growth as possible in order to save on Hay. I am also hoping to cut hay for the first time, hoping to cut about 3 or 4 acres. So will need more fertiliser in Spring for that.

I Hope my horses appreciate all of this.

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